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GTI Federal, Inc. is a small business service provider to the Nation in science, technology, and communications.  GTI is committed to providing support services that accentuate the diverse, professional skills of our employees with a commitment to excellence that guarantees superior quality and success. Our core values emphasize the importance of integrity, respect, and responsiveness that is evident in the passion of our management
and staff.

GTI embraces the diversity of our customers and our employees and focuses on delivery of quality services. Our employees are our greatest asset and our business approach is to maintain a happy and well-compensated work force who, in turn, delivers products that live up to the company’s standard of excellence.

Our on-site Program and Project Managers ensure multi-faceted levels of communication and emphasize the accessibility of our corporate team. Dedicated headquarters office staff provides immediate service to the employees and customers alike and promote the minimization of any interruption to the mission function.


Enterprise Management

Innovative Solutions to Improve the Services Provided to Our Customers.
GTI delivers enterprise management solutions to enhance integration of our customers’ enterprise systems. Our goal is to provide effective interoperability of applications, data, information, networks and hardware to support our customers’ users, business processes, and other information systems.

We take a proactive approach to managing mission-critical systems and applications by integrating innovative technology, applying best practices, and supporting the people that use these systems and applications. Ensuring that we meet the unique enterprise management requirements of our customers starts at the outset of a project. We focus on understanding their needs, including the needs of their users and their customers, their business processes and their technical environment. Through this approach, we develop an effective relationship with our customers to ensure implementation of effective enterprise management solutions, which assists then to achieve a competitive advantage and enhance their return on investment.

We provide end-to-end enterprise management solutions through the application of best business practices and proven methodologies like ITIL and FCAPS. We also apply standards such as those advocated by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and the Project Management Institute (PMI) to assure the quality of our solutions. Our team of professionals also has extensive experience implementing solutions that conform to government policies, regulations, and guidelines such as e-Gov, Section 508c, FISMA, and the President’s Management Agenda, and employs proven methods to ensure appropriate compliance.

From hardware and software acquisition through technology refresh, from network design through monitoring and maintenance, from system design through security and patch management, from Tier 1 help desk response through end-user training – our team of professionals understands the importance of effective enterprise management to ensure that our customers can meet the needs of their users and customers.

GTI enterprise management services include:


IT Product Assurance

GTI Federal defines Product Assurance (PA) as independent professional assessment services that help ensure that mission goals and objectives are achieved throughout implementation of information technology projects. Each year, government invests significantly in the development and deployment of technologies that are intended to better serve citizens. Using PA throughout the system development lifecycle, organizations are more capable of maximizing return on the investment, improving organizational processes, and ensuring that project goals are achieved.

GTI is able to independently assess, verify, test, and validate project deliverables, by drawing on many years of experience and the practical use of industry best practices – such as those defined by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and the Project Management Institute (PMI), Our proven Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) methodology mirrors traditional software development methodologies and adapts to specific project requirements. For example, GTI can be brought into a project during early phases of the SDLC to help ensure that project governance and proposed project management processes are clearly defined and sustainable. Conversely, we are able to assess projects after they have been completed to aid in “lessons learned.”

Specifically, GTI Federal’s PA programs include:



Software Solutions

Delivering On Time, On Budget, and Consistent Software Solutions
GTI provides full lifecycle software system development, integration, and management services that deliver solutions designed to support and enhance government business processes. Our experienced staff take a pragmatic approach to the development and implementation of software solutions for our customers with one goal in mind – to provide effective solutions that address the unique requirements of each customer, and guarantee the success of their software initiatives. Through the application of standards such as those advocated by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and Project Management Institute (PMI), we employ proven processes and industry best practices throughout the software development lifecycle to assure the quality of our solutions. Our solutions conform to government policies, regulations, and guidelines such as e-Gov, Section 508c, FISMA, and the President’s Management Agenda, and employ proven methods to ensure appropriate compliance.

To meet the unique software requirements of our customers, our professional project managers and developers strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs and their technical environment from the start of a project. Our approach cultivates an integrated team that will guide development and implementation of effective solutions. We also understand that requirements change, and an integrated team, coupled with proven change management processes, is the key to effective change management.

We specialize in the development and management of internet-based solutions, including web applications, web portals, and content management systems. We also have extensive experience with legacy modernization and custom application development. We adhere to open system standards, implement service-oriented architectures, and leverage COTS and GOTS applications where appropriate to provide reasonably priced, high-performance, and unique solutions that are scalable to meet the needs of our customers.