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Employee Spotlight - Candice Daniel

Candice Daniel Photo.jpg

Candice Daniel has been working at NASA Johnson Space Center since 2005. She first started as an entry level clerk for the JSC IRD Customer Support Center and through the years supported various applications and products. In this role she developed skills in all areas of customer support, team leadership, database administration, report generation and ticket tracking and resolution. Since 2008 she has been the Lead PKI Registration Authority and takes part in maintaining a 5,000+ user account base for Johnson Space Center, White Sands Test Facility, and Russia. She is responsible for staying up to date on all policy changes and ensuring that all JSC RAs and TAs are in compliance with PKI Policy (NASA Operational Certification Authority Registration Practice Statement). Candice excels in identifying, researching and promptly resolving (often critical) technical problems. With Candice’s many years of customer service skills she has built a rapport with NASA customers at JSC and across the Agency.

In her personal life Candice enjoys being at home with her family. She and her husband stay busy keeping up with their 4 year old son; Evan. Going home to her son is the best part of her day and she can’t wait to be greeted with “mommy’s home” as she walks through the door. One of Candice’s passions is writing and singing music. This is something that she has been doing ever since she was young and has been a very big part of her life. She just recently has taken a liking to painting with acrylics and wants to experiment with oil and water colors as well.

GTI is proud of the standard of excellence Candice exhibits and recognizes her sustained exemplary performance.