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Employee Spotlight - Roberta McCoy

Roberta McCoy Abernathystarted working at the NASA Goddard facility in 1992 as a Computer Operator/ LAN System Support Administrator. Roberta’s responsibilities were to maintain the daily operations of the Amdahl 5890-200E Mainframe, Amdahl 4745 Communications Front End processor and various Digital Vax systems and other peripheral devices. Now over the years Robert has worked her way up to managing the Mobility Department at NASA Goddard. She also manages various departments measuring performance and deciding necessary corrective actions of subordinates for violations of the rules, policies, procedures and regulations. Additionally she supports the Apple and Windows-based Blackberry Enterprise Server platform for a 2000+ customers. Most of all, Roberta enjoys testing and implementing all new procedures and equipment. She maintains the highest enterprise level of technical expertise in identifying, evaluating, selecting systems. He4r duties include oversight of voice and data network configurations, installation, maintenance, management and operation of wireless mobile technology, but not limited to, setup of wireless mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and other cellular devices.). This work involves working closely with Verizon, AT&T and Apple Store vendors and maintaining a thorough understanding of their programs, processes, and tools. Roberta continually builds and maintains strong relationships with management, end-users and partners to ensure quick turnaround with
deployment and implementation of the wireless mobile technologies delivery and setup of the devices.

When not spending time at NASA Goddard, Roberta is at home being a mother too her two beautiful kids--her son, age 20 and daughter, age 15. Her children are the reason she wakes up every morning and goes to work. Roberta and her family love to travel the world and see different aspects of life. They have been on cruises to the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, and have even flown to the Bahamas. Roberta strives to take her children to the other countries and fervently embraces each opportunity to do so. Traveling offers the chance for both of my children to get away, have a good time, and also take life from a different aspect of living. While on vacation Roberta is a passionate shutterbug who enjoys taking a lot of pictures. Photography has been her passion for some years now. Her photos include pictures of landscaping, gardening, and various aspects of nature. Her children are also her models that she doesn’t have to pay.

GTI Federal is thrilled to be able to spotlight Roberta who continually supports our customers with talent, enthusiasm, grace and professionalism. Roberta truly exemplifies the quality of all GTI Federal employees.