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"We take care of our employees so they can take care of our customers"

Our employees are our greatest asset and our business approach is to maintain a happy and well-
compensated work force who, in turn, deliver services to our customers that live up to the company’s
standard of excellence. We empower our on-site Program and Project Managers with information
and training to ensure multi-faceted levels of communication, technical expertise, and emphasize the
accessibility of our corporate team. Our Enterprise IT Service Management staff work within the ITIL framework and have an understanding of how ITIL can be used to enhance the quality of service.  Our IT Product Assurance practice can align with DoD Decision Support Systems such as the Integrated Defense Acquisition Technology and Logistics Management Framework (DoD 5000i). GTI embraces the diversity of our customers and our employees
and focuses on delivery of quality services. Dedicated headquarters office staff provides immediate
service to the employees and customers alike and promotes the minimization of any interruption to the
mission function.


The Olivia Nevins Customer Service Award is presented annually to a GTI Federal employee who exemplifies the highest standard of customer service to our customers.  Ms. Nevins career spanned many years that included working in private industry such as Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to Blue Plains Waste Water Treatment Facility.  While working as a Project Manager to the Federal Government she saw direction with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy.

The award recognizes all employees who participate either as teams or individuals and have made exceptional contributions or who have delivered consistent exemplary customer service.  Examples may include the development of innovative practices, techniques, or system which results in quality improvements in service; or exceptional service delivery through personal interactions resulting in superior customer satisfaction.