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All we had to do was say the word, and they had qualified personnel in place within days. And not just any personnel; they provided us with employees who fit in personally and professionally with our current staff.

Sharon Root, COR US Department of Energy

Contractor has demonstrated the knowledge and skills needed to support the National Simulation Center and their experience exceeded all expectations. This contractor's professional attitude was remarkable.

Jennifer Jordan, Contracting Officer US Army National Simulation Center

Contract staff were very oriented toward the customer and maintained an exceptional working relationship with all customers. Interaction between the contractor and the government was exceptional.

Kim Logue, Contracting Officer Federal Emergency Management Agency

The contractor was able to maintain key personnel from a previous contract allowing for a smooth transition since it was not necessary to train new personnel. The contract appears to provide good support to key personnel and has continued to retain key personnel through the existing contract.

Charles Tama, Contracting Officer Federal Emergency Management Agency