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Walter, who supports NASA at Wallops Island, Virginia was presented recently with the CIO Award.  This prestigious award is for outstanding corporate and mission enabling service in the face of diverse mission sets with extreme schedule, technical, and operations challenges.

The Wallops Information Technology and Communications Branch is a highly resourceful and flexible workforce that not only provides corporate communications services such as voice, data, and video services, but also designs/engineers highly specialized solutions to satisfy individual project requirements and enable mission success. Areas of expertise include: voice, data, video, cable plant management, application/web development, data center services, IT security, communications security (COMSEC) support, and project management.  Code 763 exemplifies teamwork and collaboration within the branch, division, directorate, Center, and Agency as well as with each individual mission or project stakeholder.  Whether it is an Agency-wide Next-Generation Voice project tasked with overhaul of the entire telephone system, a NASA Commercial Space intiiative supporting the Antares Program, or a mission-related design and construction project for new UAV or rocket launch control center, the team has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to rapidly innovate, engineer, and implement effective IT and communications solutions while leveraging existing infrastructure and systems to provide the best solution possible to meet mission and corporate requirements even within strict project or NASA budget constraints. These characteristics also demonstrate a core belief in the broader NASA mission and a widespread desire to help NASA and its customers find a successful path forward into the futurel