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John was nominated for his dedication to the International Space Station Mission Evaluation Room (MER). Brenda Honza, ISS Mission Evaluation Room IT andf Data Systems Support, submitted the following nomination about John:

John Barker, ACES Lead Technician, has provided exemplary IT support for the ISS Mission Evaluation Room (MER) for the past several years, particularly for the NASA MER Manager laptops. He is acutely aware of the MER's mission of supporting the onboard International Space Station (ISS) operations and the dependency on full functionality of the ACES computers. John consistently performs in a manner that represents ultimate professionalism but is personable as well. John's approach and responses are quick and thorough, ensuring the user has a functional computer as quickly as possible, thereby minimizing the impact to the user. John more than deserves the Power of One recognition as he consistently makes a significant positive impact. His initiative and continued commitment to outstanding customer service are making a difference for the fortunate users at the Johnson Space Center.

This nomination further emphasizes the quality and calibre of employees GTI is proud to have on our Team.  Kudos to John for once again demonstrating on a consistent basis a high standard of quality and excellence!