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Fort Detrick

For close to half a decade, GTI Federal has been in an important support position at Fort Detrick. The base plays a critical role in the support of the worldwide mission of the American soldier, no matter what branch of the military.

Home to the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC), US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick Garrison, and facilities like the the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Laboratory for Cancer Research, the ability for the Garrison to maintain communications throughout the base is a matter of extreme importance. GTI’s very own Susan McCullough, one of this year’s winners of the Olivia Nevins Customer Service Award, has been a leader in support of the Network Enterprise Center (NEC) and Fort Detrick Garrison’s mission.

The Fort Detrick NEC provides services to the Army's only multi-agency campus for Medical Research and Acquisition, Medical Logistics Management and Communications Infrastructure Research & Engineering. This includes the Department of Defense’s joint command programs for the various branches of the military and civilian organizations on the Fort Detrick campus; Army, Navy, Air Force; Marines, The NIH, United States Department of Agriculture, Department of Homeland Defense and others. Such an environment requires a flexible, multi-talented IM/IT provider to facilitate the varied and extensive requirements inherent to mission success for this wide range scope and variety of disciplines.

During the NEC’s recent migration from the old trouble ticket system to the Army mandated system, Remedy, Ms. McCullough was recognized as a significant factor in the success of Remedy’s implementation. Ms. McCullough committed herself to the process through countless hours of online training, numerous conference calls, the collection and transmission of data, creation and updating of documentation, and the coordination and training of over 150 individuals while providing constant feedback to the Army and Remedy migration team.

Ms. McCullough’s commitment to the success of the Remedy installation, working with Dwayne Oland of the Fort Detrick Garrison, has allowed the Garrison’s response to trouble tickets throughout the base to improve and exceed client expectations. The Remedy installation has improved the response by the Customer Service Center’s (CSC’s) helpdesk, and the services provided by the NEC as a whole.

By improving and streamlining processes with the installation of Remedy, Ms. McCullough has helped the CSC and NEC to minimize red tape. Her efforts have reduced downtime, and ensured that the CSC’s fort-wide client base has received the sort of customer service they expect.

Each year GTI awards the Olivia Nevins Customer Service Award to an employee who has made exceptional contributions and exceeded expectations in delivering services of superior quality to external or internal customers, while carrying out the customer’s mission. Olivia Nevins was a loyal employee who served for many years as a Project Manager with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as the Department of Energy. Mrs. Nevins typified the highest level of customer service and consistently exceeded expectations when it came to the customer’s needs. we have named our annual award for customer service in Mrs. Nevin’s memory and to honor her tremendous efforts. Susan McCullough was honored for her work in supporting the Network Enterprise Center on Fort Detrick, along with Dan Schmidt (supporting the NFA), and Cynthia Shank (supporting the MRMC) at GTI’s employee appreciation night when the Frederick Keys took on the Carolina Mudcats at Harry Grove Stadium on July 13.